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End Effectors Expand Cobot Capabilities
These End-Effector Kits (including hardware and software) make it easy to increase the capability of FANUC CRX cobots. The QC-7 and MC-10 kits are for tool changers: The former offers various configuration options with pass-through utility modules and tool stand systems; the latter features a patented locking mechanism and an ergonomic design. Kit AOV-10 is for an axially compliant orbital sander that performs surface preparation and finishing with a light touch. The compliant deburring blade kit is for edge deburring, chamfering, countersinking, scraping and deflashing on virtually any material. A separate kit works with the RCV-250 radially compliant deburring tool, which is designed to remove flash and parting lines. Finally, there is a kit for the Axia90 force and torque sensor that measures all components of force and torque with high resolution, accuracy and stiffness. 919-772-0115

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Mobile UV Sanitation Cart
The IND-UC-48-10L-UVC-50C sanitation cart features 10 UVC fluorescent lamps that effectively kill up to 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria, mold and spores in large industrial sites and commercial facilities. Mounted to a powder-coated-aluminum frame, the lamps use 400 watts of power to output light at a wavelength of 254 nanometers. They have a total UV output of 143 watts, and cover 2,000 square feet of space within an 180-degree arc. The lamps emit a flood beam pattern and have an expected lifespan of more than 8,000 hours. Operators can move the cart around after exposure time (20 to 25 minutes) to disinfect several sections. Multiple carts can be purchased to quickly cover large areas. The cart’s 50-foot cord is oil-resistant (inside insulation and outside jacket), water-resistant and designed for use in heavy-duty applications. 877-886-1215
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Adapter Grommets
Inserting AT-FL or QT-AT-FL adapter grommets into split cable entry frames eliminates the need for a separate cutout in a control cabinet, thereby lowering assembly costs. They also allow built-in plugs or sockets to be integrated directly into the frame. The AT-FL series is based on the KT large cable grommet and can be used in the company’s KEL systems (KEL-U, KEL-ER, KEL 183 and KEL-FG). The QT-AT-FL series is based on the QT large cable grommet and suitable for KEL-QUICK systems. Both types serve as an interface for M23 flange connectors (19.8-millimeter-square hole spacing) when used with the IMAS-Connect modular system. All of the grommets are made of elastomer and polyamide, but free of silicone and halogen. The AT-FL type achieves protection classes up to IP65; the QT-AT-FL up to IP54. 312-643-2315

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System Optimizes Bin Picking
Bin Picking Studio combines powerful 3D vision hardware with intelligent software to quicken the setup and implementation of robotic bin picking. By using up to four PhoXi scanners at one time, the system enables a robot to pick up four different objects. The system also offers a specially designed virtual engine that selects the best gripping points on the model of an object. This ensures that the robot always finds the right point to grasp during picking, eliminating delays. Operators can track their work in the visual setup wizard, and get immediate feedback on each step within the configuration to quicken the designing phase. The system supports a wide variety of robots, and the supplier can add more upon request for a specific application. To further help end-users, the supplier’s experienced engineers will perform a complimentary feasibility study of parts handling prior to purchase. 518-709-2653
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Desktop Robots
All nine models in the Cell Master DTRB Series of desktop robots have a compact A4 footprint (210 by 300 millimeters). One model is a two-axis Cartesian unit, two are two-axis gantry units, two are three-axis Cartesian units and four are three-axis gantry units. The two-axis units move in a circular pattern; the three-axis units follow linear interpolation. All of them are portable, lightweight (12 pounds) and accurate to ±0.001 inch. Their easy-to-operate controls make them ideal in dedicated or simple cellular production lines. The all-purpose robots are versatile enough for both high-volume industrial plants and low-volume workshops. They come standard with step-motor actuators (microstepping controller), an RS232C connection to an external computer and a teaching pendant. A fourth-axis option is available for the three-axis models. 510-744-1626

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Tweezer Safely Reworks PCB Components
The MT-200 MiniTweez thermal tweezer lets assemblers quickly and safely rework tightly spaced PCB micro-components such as 0201s, 0402s and 0603s with one hand. It also provides rapid removal of much larger chips and components, including SOTs, D-PAKs, SOICs and TSOPs. Multi-axis tip alignment capability and a tip-gap adjustment wheel ensure that the assembler exactly matches the tip gap to the application, thereby reducing worker grip stress and fatigue from repetitive motion. The tweezer is designed exclusively for use with the company’s AccuDrive high-power soldering stations, and it uses Blue Series tip-heater cartridges that can be changed within seconds and instantly heat up. End-users can buy the tweezer alone, with a soldering station, or with a station and Instant SetBack Tool Stand, which automatically reduces tip temperature to increase tip life. 877-882-7223
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High-Heat-Resistant Labels
Part of the LINTEC Durable Goods and Industrial Labeling line, these labels withstand temperatures up to 482 or 572 F. Equally important, they maintain whiteness, bar code legibility and adhesive performance when exposed to the maximum temperature for up to 10 minutes. The labels are specifically designed for bar code applications, such as PCBs, electronics, automotive components and appliances. They feature a heat-resistant adhesive and either a 1.4- or 2.4-mil white polyimide film topcoat or a 1.6-mil white polyetherimide film topcoat. This topcoat enables excellent ink and bar code printability, and resists abrasion and ribbon smudging. The 1.4- and 1.6-mil versions include a 65# blue glassine paper liner. All of the labels are formulated to stand up to extreme heat, solder, fluxes, solvents and chemicals. They can be printed digitally or by thermal transfer. 800-255-9733

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