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Injection Lap Riveting

A new process, injection lap riveting, is showing promise for joining dissimilar metals.—John Sprovieri

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Bonding Aluminum in Automotive Assembly

Surface preparation of aluminum plays an important role in the durability of bonded joints.—Francesca Cavezza, Ph.D.

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What’s New With Labels and Label Printers

Durable materials and proven printing methods ensure a high-quality label for any size part.—Jim Camillo

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The Right Motor for the Job

Speed, torque and accuracy are among the factors to consider when choosing an electric motor for an application.—Dave Beckstoffer

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Traditionally, aircraft manufacturers have been reluctant to adopt robots and other automation. One reason for that large plane parts come with relatively high geometry deviations, so robots need guidance to do their tasks. Now, Airbus is working with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials to tackle this issue. Photo courtesy Airbus

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August 2021

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